"You've had a long day at work, toiling through back-to-back meetings in your stiff, power outfit. You step into your apartment, flip off your 3-inch heels and enter into your haven of comfort and serenity. After a relaxing hot bath, you don a light and comfortable sleepwear…the weight on your shoulders disappears. Then you open a bottle of wine, pick out your favourite book and lounge on your couch to relax..."

It's not hard to imagine yourself in the above scenario. Urbanites these days are caught up with doing so much and they want to pamper themselves more than ever. Kooshi caters to ladies just like you with comfortable sleep, lounge and home wear.

Originated from the Sanskrit word, Kooshi means " happiness". Pronounced as "cushy", the word conjures "comfort" - which defines what Kooshi's line of products is all about.

Exclusive in-house designs, the fit and cut are kind to women and flatter them with minimal effort. With subtle details and clean design, it is elegantly sexy and oh-so-comfy. We use quality fabrics and are constantly evolving with new product lines.

Turn heads in your next yoga class in Kooshi's incredibly stylish and unbelievably comfortable active wear. Unleash your inner minx in our exquisitely soft intimates. Indulge in relaxation when you put on our luxuriously silky sleepwear and prepare yourself for the best sleep of your life. 

Treat yourself, you deserve it. 

Introducing a new way of living... at home!